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Samples and Screenshots

Here you can find a few samples and screenshots taken from the three versions developed in the last three years. Within this time, there were at least three releases starting in the beginning of 2001 with a first prototype.


There are a few more samples and screenshots taken directly from R/3 transactions we can't publish because of copyright reasons and SAPs intellectual property. Samples and screenshots shown here are results we got when we started analyzing Magellan Explorer using Magellan Explorer itself.

2D Dataflow Model

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2D - Dataflow model showing Magellan Explorer as it is implemented within SAP R/3 using ABAP. Model is stored in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. For this sample, a viewer (e. g. Corel SVG Viewer is required.

3D Dataflow Model

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3D Dataflow model showing the 2D image from above. Model is stored as VRML file. For this sample, a viewer (e. g. Cortona VRML Client is required.




Latest Release

Magellan Explorer Relase 2 fully integrated into SAPGUI (both 2D and 3D component).

Enlarge 3D screenshot

Enlarge 2D screenshot


Release 1 developed for final thesis

Only 2D visualization was available directly in this release. 3D visualization was available only by VRML file export. 2D visualization was done using a special 2D viewer called Graph Explorer implemented in Java.

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Analysis was done in SAPGUI interfacing the Magellan Explorer kernel. To visualize analytic results the data had to be transfered to the frontend manually either by file export or by RFC. Screenshot on the right shows analytic results in textual form.

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