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Next Steps


In a next step we are currently rewritting Magellan Explorer from scratch. This was required after we developed a complete new system design and architecture.

Our Release 2 prototype was more or less completly written in ABAP (except the graph rendering which was developed in Java). That lead us to alot of limitations. You have to be awarethat it is neccessary to build a compile when you want to develop a system like that. And thats what we have done: a complete compiler written in ABAP.

The new system currently under development is developed in Java completly. That gives us lots of more power. We are focusing on the basic system itself, the basis ABAP analytical compiler.

Analysis of the results will be done in a tool called Software Tomograph. The Software Tomograph is a high-end software analysis workbench with a focus on large-scale Software Applications. Magellan Explorer connected to Software Tomograph will be in place by the end of September.

Both, Magellan Explorer and Software Tomograph together, will lead into a very powerfull toolset to analyze ABAP programs.


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